Jack Mitchell

Embedded Systems Engineer

e : jack@embed.me.uk

m : 077 574 72 002

cv : PDF Download

Career Log

Latest Projects come first, please start from the bottom of the page to get a full timeline.

Tuxable Ltd, March 2015 - Present

Founded a new Embedded Linux Consultancy business under the name Tuxable Ltd.

CBNL VectaStar - September 2013 - March 2015

Working on the CBNL VectaStar wireless point to multi-point system.

Embedded Linux Platform - August 2012 - September 2013

Designing and developing an Embedded Linux Platform on which to base multiple future products. The project involved working with the Linux Kernel, OpenEmbedded Build System, Userland Utilities and developing a dB Broadcast Application layer.

Merlin DVB-T/DVB-T2 Product Additional Features - February 2013

Added additional features to the web back end of the MERlin product in order to support new functionality.

Embedded Linux Research Project - February 2012 - August 2012

Researched, prototyped, documented and presented on a new Embedded Linux platform on which to base future products.

AutoMerlin - January 2012

A program designed using PHP and mySQL, extracts data from a CSV file supplied by purchasers and allows dynamic generation of configuration files from specific columns then writes configurations to the Merlin product over simulated HTTP post's using cURL.

CalibSQL - November 2011

Designed a program in PHP and mySQL which takes data from the Merlin calibration procedure in the form of multiple text files, extracts the data into a mySQL databases and produces charts, tables and other statistical information on the fly using a mixture of jQuery, Javascript and HTML5.

Macrement - September 2011

Designed a program in C which manipulates MAC address and outputs files to send to printers for labeling products and keeping track of which MAC addresses have been used and generated.

Merlin DVB-T/DVB-T2 Product - June 2011 - February 2012

Updated the complete web front end to the 75% finished Merlin product, added multiple new features on already implemented interfaces and functions. Redesigned the whole user interface and re-worked the Javascript implementation.

Helped debug code internals and performed testing on all parts of the system. Coded multiple test procedures in Perl, PHP and C.

Gained experience in using MQX on the Freescale Coldfire platform.

Started at dB Broadcast - June 2011

Finished University - June 2011

Nios2 Soft Core Research - March 2011

2 weeks developing and testing a Nios 2 soft core processor as a probation period prior to a job offer at dB Broadcast. Used a Nios 2 evaluation board and finished with a Linux distribution which could talk directly to FPGA registers and output it's finding via a web interface. Gave presentation to dB Broadcast employees to show my findings and evaluation of the possibility of using the Nios 2 cores in new products.

Still at University